Legend: Brandon Brown


Instagram: @sketched_reality

Brandon Brown of Sketched Reality is an artist from North Carolina who specializes in ink drawings and illustrations. Brandon grew up drawing and wanted to become an art teacher. He started gaming back with the release of Pokémon Yellow and continued to play every Pokémon game. His favorite is Pokémon Silver!

His college days landed him with a degree in commercial photography, and he spends most of his free time drawing and playing Pokémon Shield. Brandon does commission work for anyone that asks, and has worked alongside Pokemon Decals to illustrate some really cool custom cards.

The sketched details in his work is meticulous and mesmerizing, and we at MMG are obsessed with his imagination and creativity. A personal favorite is Brandon's take on Dugtrio (below), but I'm definitely crushing on the Mario sketch too.

While most of his displayed illustrations are Pokémon related, he does other work as well, including digital paintings. MinMaxGames is as enthusiastic about Brandon as he is about his artwork, and we're excited to highlight him today on MMG Legends! Go check him out!



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