Legend: Drew Creedy

Drew Creedy caught our eye with his Blood Bowl miniatures. He posts all of his paint work and player conversions like its no big deal, and I can't keep up. His clean skills on those details are incredible.
Drew is from Poole, Dorset, U.K. He said he started painting "badly" back in 1990 when Games Workshop opened a shop in his town, then stopped for a while. He got back into it when his friend told him about the new Blood Bowl game release in 2017. He used to play all of the GW classics like Heroquest, Space Hulk, Man O' War, and now Blood Bowl (his favorite game by far).
Until recently, Drew was a tradesman teaching himself pretty much every trade except electrical because he's actually colorblind! He's able to work from home with his wife as a childcare provider, and hobbying is what he does with his free time.
At the beginning of the year, he sold one of his teams, and it gave him the confidence to start taking commissions. He's pretty much fully booked and has a few repeat customers. I've been really impressed with his creativity. It shines through his collection, and the paint work that "drew" me to Drew in the first place was his "Merry Orcmas" - a Christmas themed Blood Bowl team he started (pic below). 
Drew is quickly growing in the painting community. Check out his social for more photos, and contact him if you'd like to commission!

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