The Pod Has Been Cast

What happens when you throw actors, performers, writers, and artists in a room with a mic? You get a quality, rich, inviting and fun Podcast. These friends come together regularly to offer you a front row view into one of their favorite pastimes. If you are new to role playing, or D&D runs in your veins, This unique podcast has something to offer you. Often reviewed as a wonderful starting point for those new to D&D, rest assured you will be captivated by the woven story from episode one.
In addition to an amazing experience on it's own, The Pod Has Been Cast has decided to team up with MinMaxGames! Who doesn't love crossovers. When Raine Halwinter (Carlos) found out about the Adventures in the Forgotten Realms set, he knew the cast had to get their hands on it. You can find their video here: 
Do not underestimate this Podcast. Give your ears the treat they deserve and spend some time with Joolz, Zander, Raine, and H.A.R.T. They pump out episodes constantly, so keep up! If you really love what you hear, support them at:

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