A Happy Little Gathering

Why, Wizards?

Why do you insist on taking every last dollar I have??

Can’t you leave my poor wallet alone???

Couldn’t I have gotten along just fine without more premium foiled lands??

But no. Ohhhh no. You had to roll out the big guns. Just when I started to forget Secret Lair was even a thing, you go and get Bob Ross.

Bob Freaking Ross.

Starting on November 30th, and running through December 14th, you will have the honor of paying an exorbitant amount of money for exactly eleven foil lands. Two art variations of each basic land, and a copy of Evolving Wilds. I may not like the direction that Secret Lairs is taking as a whole, but you can put money on me picking up my very own copy. And probably framing them. Name one better fandom crossover. I dare you.

These and other Lair drops can be found HERE.


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