Boosting Kaldheim

We are just days away from the newest Magic release and instead of Berserkers and snow permanents on my mind, I’m thinking about set boosters. Pre-orders this time around ended up having quite the surprise.

As a Magic player of 20 years myself, draft booster boxes have always been the gold standard for a set. You can draft, pack-attack, or just rip them all open in about five minutes. The addition of products like set boosters and collector boosters were always a welcomed thing as a supplementary product to the old fashioned pack. That was until we received our allocation numbers for Kaldheim and were informed that Wizards prioritized set boosters over the standard draft boosters.

I won’t get into the exact numbers, but our draft booster numbers were cut by almost 80% from Commander Legends, while set boosters were increased. Maybe the way most players enjoy Magic is shifting, but I would hate to see the day when draft boosters are retired for good, and foil filled packs that can’t be drafted take over. 

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