Incoming: Death Guard Terrain!

I’m a sucker for terrain. My heart belongs to the Kabal Of The Setting Sun (my Drukhari army) and I’ve been playing them since the 5th edition. Dark Eldar, as they were called back then, were the textbook example of a glass cannon. One wrong placement and you could kiss that front armour 10 Raider goodbye. 9th Edition has done wonders for the game, and all of the individual terrain rules are on the top of my list for best improvements. 

Army specific terrain creates a level of customization that goes beyond which Marine flavor or Necron Dynasty you take. The terrain features look amazing on the table or your display board and, for the most part, offer functional rules for casual games. Look at this beauty

The Miasmic Malignifier looks and feels right at home in Papa Nurgle's kitchen. The furnace door is eerily reminiscent of the basement furnace in Home Alone, and the chimney stacks are straight out of Nightmare Before Christmas. 

The Aura ability Putrescent Fog is no joke. Stack this with light cover and reduce your opponents hit role by 1. That means no more auto shots with that nasty Necron Tesla, and make those Terminators think twice before firing all those special weapons.

Expect the new Death Guard codex, and this beautiful piece of bubbly Nurgley happiness in the MinMaxGames storefront in about a month. Prep those Plague Marines while you can!