Pro Magic is gone!


So, the Magic Pro League is gone…So what? Does that mean competitive magic is done for? No more tournaments, or events to attend, no more championships and trophies? Mark Rosewater recently came out and said that less than 10% of all Magic Players have ever played in a sanctioned event.


Magic has players from all walks of life, and that is made evident in both the types of products Wizards releases, and the formats that we all play. As a self-proclaimed Spike, the competitive side of Magic has always had a place in my heart, but the loss of the Pro League doesn’t bother me one bit. In fact, it might be a great thing for the game as a whole. Professional magic, does not equal competitive magic, and it’s about time players made that distinction. Magic the GATHERING is at its roots, a game about gathering together around a table, and playing with paper cards. Hopefully Wizards takes this as an opportunity to get bac to the basics, and support the hobby from the LGS up. I look forward to the day (hopefully very soon) when I can sleeve up my Modern burn, or attend a MinMaxGames sealed event, and try my very best to turn jank into Jund.