Sealed: A Covid-Friendly Magic the Gathering Format

MinMaxGames is located right outside of Chicago, and it’s looking like another round of stay-at-home orders are brewing. Sadly, that means no FNM (Friday Night Magic), no Commander Leagues, and no in-person gaming at MinMaxGames. Thankfully, Magic is a game with many formats, and it turns out they scale pretty well with your friend group!

Sealed Magic is such a gem for the community. It scratches all of those competitive and collector itches at once. Six packs per player gives you plenty of pack cracking; a 40-card deck tests your mental fortitude and imagination; and the sealed format lets cards like Charix, the Raging Isle, shine. 

This monster of a crab is rare bulk for standard, and maybe a tier 4 (5?) in Commander. But, oh man, you throw this Leviathan Crab wall down on turn 4 and watch your opponent mentally recall all the removal they wish they had in their deck.

Sealed is more than just for the crabs though. $20 a person is enough to host your own quarantined tournament with close friends and family. This could be a great opportunity to introduce your significant other, your little sister, or grumpy uncle to the game you love. Take a look at the video below for a great teaching resource. Best of luck with your drafting, and stay safe!