The problem with Cadians

I remember playing Astra Militarum back when they were still the Imperial Guard in 4th edition. I did an Elysian Drop Troop list, and painted 50+ guardsmen to look like clouds. It was a fun list! Want to know two things that haven’t changed since that fourth edition army? You can still buy the exact same guardsmen kit, and my painting skills. This past week during Warhammer Fest Online we were given news of an upgraded Cadian Shock Troops sprue that will make it’s way into all new boxes.

We get some new heads, arms, a few weapons choices that were always available in the codex, along with some Sergeant choices we can all agree on were sorely needed. Now don't get me wrong, it's wonderful to see Games Workshop updating older box sets instead of forcing customers to purchase a separate upgrade sprue, (assuming we don't see a price increase on a box that's older than time) but it's not enough for one of the oldest, and most stable armies in 40k history. It's also not that Games Workshop isn't cable either, just take a look at these bad boys from the Blackstone Fortress set:          

LOOK AT THEM!!!! These models are amazing. If Games Workshop can make these renegade marines in plastic, I can't even imagine what they could do with a 2021 remake of the classic Cadian. The models being pushed out lately are truly works of art, and it's about time the first line of defense of mankind received a display case worthy update.