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Codex Adeptus Mechanicus

$46.75 $55
• The essential book for Adeptus Mechanicus players, including rules for: – 4 Matched Play Adeptus Mechanicus Secondary Objectives, 12 Warlord Traits, 12 Relics and 33 Stratagems. The 7 Forge World Doctrines, 4 new Doctrina Imperatives, 6 Canticles of the Omnissiah and rules for creating Distant Worlds
• Also includes additional Crusade specific content: – 4 new Agendas, 5 new Requisitions, 4 Battle Trait tables, rules for Weapon Enhancements and Archeotech Treasures, and 4 new Crusade Relics
• Includes extensive background and showcase sections

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