Farewell to Welcome to Rathe


Come and join us sending off the set that started it all with our Farewell to Welcome to Rathe event! We'll be running two 8-person draft pods followed by an additional two 8-person draft pods. All attendees will get a cold foil young hero, with the top placers getting first pick of the heroes. There will also be additional prize support provided by the store, including a booster pack per match win and a prize pool of $10 per participant to be distributed between the top players. We will also split a sealed box between the two pod winners per draft! Finally, we'll be giving out 15 booster packs randomly, one every 30 minutes to anyone present. Join us as we close the first chapter of the game, and celebrate many more to come! We will also have Welcome to Rathe booster boxes at prices well below the going rates.

Entry fee: $50

Time: 1:00 PM - 8:00 PM

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