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Final Fantasy TCG: Boss Deck - Chaos

Boss Fight is a multiplayer game format that is being introduced to FFTCG for the first time. Played with 3 to 4 players, 2 or 3 players party up using their FFTCG constructed decks (not included) to discuss strategies and cooperate with each other to challenge the Boss player who holds a powerful "Boss Deck."MULTIPLAYER CHALLENGE: Boss Deck - Chaos" is a pre-constructed 80-card deck to be played as the "boss deck" during a Boss Fight. There are many cards included in the deck, such as The Emperor, or Cloud of Darkness - boss characters who appeared throughout the FINAL FANTASY series - with powerful new abilities, to be used specifically for Boss Fights. In addition to the pre-constructed deck, there are 17 cards that you can use to change the difficulty level to make the boss deck stronger and make for a more challenging fight.

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