MinMaxGames Custom Pokemon Booster Box


MinMaxGames can sometimes acquire a surplus of box sets and Elite Trainer Boxes, along with Sleeved Boosters and products like Tool Kits and Chests. MinMaxGames will break down these "slow" moving products for individual booster packs, in order to keep a wide selection for our customers. These custom booster boxes are very limited and are only available on this run.

Each custom booster box contains the following:

(5) Chilling Reign

(5) Vivid Voltage

(5) Evolving Skies

(3) Steam Seige

(3) Rebel Clash

(3) Sun & Moon Base Set

(3) Battle Styles

(3) Darkness Ablaze

(2) Shining Fates

(2) Crimson Invasion

(2) Burning Shadows

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