Pokémon Sun & Moon Booster Box

Welcome To The Tropical Alola Region. Start Your Journey With Rowlet, Litten, And Popplio, Then Seek Out The Legendary Pokemon Solgaleo-Gx And Lunala-Gx To Witness The Awesome Power Of A New Kind Of Pokemon: Each Pokemon-Gx Brings An Attack So Devastating That You Can Use Only One Of Them Per Game! Discover Dozens Of Never-Before-Seen Pokemon, Alola Forms Of Some Familiar Favorites, And New Ways To Battle In The Pokemon Tcg: Sun &Amp; Moon Expansion. There Are Over 140 Cards In The Set, Including 11 New Pokemon-Gx Featuring A Brand-New Game Mechanic, And More Than 40 Never-Before-Seen Pokemon From The Newly Discovered Alola Region.

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