Games Workshop

Warhammer The Old World: Battalion: Orc & Goblin Tribes

$157.25 $185

This boxed set gives you a solid core of 73 plastic miniatures.

Introducing the epitome of greenskin brutality and mayhem – the Warhammer The Old World: Battalion: Orc & Goblin Tribes! Crafted by Games Workshop, this formidable ensemble brings the iconic ferocity of Orcs and the mischievous cunning of Goblins to your tabletop battlefield.

Inside this meticulously crafted set, you'll find a thrilling assortment of miniatures meticulously sculpted and brimming with character. Commanding the frontline are the brutish Orcs, towering with raw strength and clad in jagged armor, ready to charge headlong into the fray. Alongside them, the cunning Goblins skulk, their malicious grins belying their devious tactics and knack for mischief.

Unleash the chaos of the greenskin hordes upon your adversaries as you assemble and paint these intricately detailed miniatures. Whether you're a seasoned general of the Old World or a newcomer seeking the thrill of battle, this battalion promises countless hours of strategic warfare and immersive storytelling.

Forge alliances, plot ambushes, and revel in the thrill of conquest as you lead your Orc & Goblin Tribes to glory on the tabletop battlefield. The Warhammer The Old World: Battalion: Orc & Goblin Tribes awaits, beckoning warriors bold enough to harness its power and claim victory in the name of destruction!

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