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Deathrattle: Wight King (Warhammer Age of Sigmar - Games Workshop)

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Ancient kingdoms, long forgotten, are scattered throughout the lands.  Their greatest rulers, once honored and loved by their people, were entombed in crypts and burial sites now lost to time.  Now these once proud men are forced to wake once more and serve their new master.  These potent wights are armed with ancient weapons and clad in ancient armor.  Their tattered, soulless remains give off a ghastly chill, and anything they touch withers.

The Wight King with Baleful Tomb Blade may be used in Age of Sigmar in a Grand Alliance Death: Legions of Nagash army.  A solid melee hero, the Wight King can also reanimate fallen summoned units, and boost other units melee potential.

The model wears ancient chain mail and plate armor, and wears a once mighty cloak, now riddled with holes. Atop its skeletal head sits an impressive crown and he wields a once master-crafted sword and shield.  One foot is propped up on a stone slab as his eyeless sockets and gaped mouth gaze out in front of him.

This plastic kit consists of 5 components, supplied with a 32mm round base and detailed 20mm square base.

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