MinMaxGames, LLC

Three friends.

MinMaxGames is owned and operated by three friends who grew up on Magic The Gathering and Warhammer 40k: Brothers Peter and Sam Kuhlman and Eric Simmons. These three spent many long days and nights in the Kuhlman's childhood basement, with hand-painted terrain and miniatures adorning the folding tables. They would play tournaments of Magic, interspersed with chicken nugget eating contests and decimating boxes of pop. These crazy kids dreamt of owning a game store one day. 

Gaming is still going strong.

Now, about 20 years later, Little Peter, Little Sam, and Little Eric are all grown up. Each is either engaged, or married with kids of their own. They still find time to play MTG and 40k, while nurturing a healthy passion for Pokemon in their kids (because, naturally, Eric is now Uncle Eric to the new generation of Kuhlman kids). With 6 sons between them, the guys are excited about the future of gaming within their families, and it feels full circle to finally start teaching these games to their own children.

Turning an old dream into reality.

Sam, Peter, and Eric are finally ready to embark on that decades old dream of a game store. With experience in both the retail and industrial fields, and a formidable understanding of the products on MinMaxGames' shelves, the suburbs of Chicago are in good hands.

MixMaxGames begins.

MinMaxGames will be the headquarters for gamers and hobbyists alike. The Kuhlman-Simmons brothers have meticulously built MinMaxGames, LLC to have competitive pricing, a knowledgeable staff, and true gaming dedication and enthusiasm.  

We look forward to gaming with you for many years to come.

Behind the scenes. 

This dream could not have come true without the heart and dedication of Jessica Kuhlman. Jessica is the mastermind and dream-weaver who made this all possible. Her background in SEO, Website development, and her understanding of customer needs and artistic style helped to create this company from the ground up. Her touch can be seen from the font type and coding on our website, to the flooring and snack choices in our store. We truly would not be here without her, and a debt of gratitude will always be owed to her.