MinMaxGames will offer the ability to pay in advance for products that have not been released, in order to secure availability of the product once released. We will do our best to provide the product on the day of release, although it is not guaranteed. Possible delays include but are not limited to: Delay in shipment from distributors, delay in shipment from shipping companies like UPS or USPS, release day corresponding with a holiday or outside our normal hours of operation.

Pre-release orders are subject to normal shipping terms. If multiple items are ordered in conjunction with a pre-ordered item, the order will be shipped together with the pre-order items. A customer may request the orders to be split, and pay the additional shipping charge for these orders.

Customers may seek a refund for pre-orders prior to shipping.

In order to keep our everyday prices low, MinMaxGames reserves the right to charge a 5% surcharge on Pre-Order Refunds. When an order is placed on our site, we are charged a fee regardless if that order gets delivered, changed, or refunded. We strive to provide the best service in the industry and stand behind our prices. As such we never list product for Pre-Order that we are not guaranteed to get from our distributors. Should you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us at MinMaxGamesContact@gmail.com

MinMaxGames reserves the right to remove accounts that abuse the refund and pre-order system.