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Contains 25 miniatures.

🔥 Prepare for Intense Battles in the Shattered Realms with WARHAMMER UNDERWORLDS – RIVALS OF THE MIRRORED CITY! 🔥

Step into the twisted and treacherous world of the Mirrored City with Games Workshop's latest addition to the Warhammer Underworlds series! In RIVALS OF THE MIRRORED CITY, brace yourself for a clash of titanic proportions as warbands from across the Mortal Realms converge upon the shattered ruins in search of glory and supremacy.

⚔️ Assemble Your Warband: Choose your champions from a diverse array of warbands, each with their own unique abilities and playstyles. Will you lead the ruthless Daughters of Khaine, the stalwart Stormcast Eternals, or the cunning Skaven? The fate of the Mirrored City is in your hands!

🌌 Explore the Mirrored City: Navigate the shattered ruins and perilous landscapes of the Mirrored City as you search for hidden treasures and ancient artifacts. Beware of hidden dangers and rival warbands lurking in the shadows, ready to strike when you least expect it!

🔮 Unleash Devastating Power: Master the art of war as you unleash devastating attacks, powerful spells, and cunning tactics to outmaneuver your opponents. Command your warband with skill and precision, and claim victory through strategy, cunning, and sheer determination.

🎲 Dynamic Gameplay: With customizable decks, dynamic game mechanics, and endless strategic options, every game of WARHAMMER UNDERWORLDS – RIVALS OF THE MIRRORED CITY offers a thrilling and unpredictable experience. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the tabletop, there's always a new challenge to conquer and a new victory to claim!

Join the ranks of the mighty warbands and stake your claim in the shattered ruins of the Mirrored City. Are you ready to prove your worth and claim dominion over the shattered realms? Gather your champions, hone your skills, and prepare for battle in WARHAMMER UNDERWORLDS – RIVALS OF THE MIRRORED CITY!

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