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Citadel Skulls (Citadel - Games Workshop)

$29.75 $35
If you ever thought you needed more skulls on your bases, then this is the product for you! The Citadel Skulls box includes the following:

 82 human skulls with jawbones
 86 human skulls without jawbones
 15 human jawbones
 60 assorted damaged human skulls
 2 giants’ skulls
 1 Morghast skull
 1 beast skull
 4 small horned skulls
 4 medium horned skulls
 3 large horned skulls
 7 bird skulls
 2 Chaos beast skulls
 6 plague bearer skulls
 6 Bloodletter skulls
 10 T'au skulls
 5 Kroot skulls
 6 alien skulls
 21 Genestealer Hybrid skulls
 20 Ork skulls without jaws
 5 Ork jawbones
 7 Ork skulls with jaws open
 7 Ork skulls with jaws
 As well as 15 human jawbones
 5 Ork jawbones

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