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Imposter Kings - The Nersetti Archives (Imposter Games)

  • Exciting & Strategic Gameplay - Are you bored playing the same old card games? Try playing something new and fun, such as The Imposter Kings. Find out how well you can strategize and make decisions to outwit your opponents!
  • Glean Information & Craft Clever Plans - Liven up every game night with The Imposter Kings. With tons of replayability & variations, this card game differs from other card/ adult board games. To gain advantage, players must use information to devise plans to outsmart the competition.
  • Engaging Family Game for 2-4 Players - Strategy games as compelling as The Imposter Kings are suitable for groups and gatherings. Include it in your selection of family card games or adult card games for game night, and look forward to having a wonderful time with your friends and loved ones.
  • Card Games for Kids & Adults - Not all board games or card games for kids 8-12 and older will challenge your ability to think strategically. But with family games for kids and adults like The Imposter Kings, players as young as 8 can try beating opponents with their tactical thinking skills.
  • Play 30 Minutes per Session - Compared to some family card games that run for hours, this card game for couples & groups takes only 30 minutes per session.
  • Michael Hirshon’s illustrations add to this fun card games appeal. With each box, you also get Bonus Kickstarter cards at no extra cost.

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