Legend Story Studios

Ira, Crimson Haze - Round The Table Blitz Deck (Flesh and Blood)


Ira is the bridge between learning Flesh and Blood and sitting Round the Table for your first fun-flowing game of Ultimate Pit Fight.

Local game stores who order Round the Table: TCC x LSS will also be shipped free-of-charge a carton of Ira Welcome Decks to pass through* to new players wanting to give FAB a try!

Ira Welcome Decks are the best way to learn the basics of Flesh and Blood. We are excited to reveal a new and improved Ira Welcome Deck interactive tutorial that makes it easier than ever to play your first game of Flesh and Blood!

For this reason, we suggest giving the Ira, Crimson Haze deck to the least experienced player at the table, as it builds on the familiar foundations established through the Welcome Deck and new interactive tutorial launching September.

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