Legend Story Studios

The Professor - Round The Table Blitz Deck (Flesh and Blood)


It's an honor to collaborate with The Professor, one of the world's greatest advocates of social gaming and a vocal champion of local game stores as important community hubs where people can get Round the Table to play great games together!

It's this shared vision that brought The Professor and Legend Story Studios together to create this project, and is why Round the Table: TCC x LSS will only be available from local game stores around the world.

When crafting The Professor card itself, we couldn't look past The Professors favorite class Mechanologist to embody his character. We also wanted to capture the essence of what The Professor represents to many gamers around the world; Community, inclusiveness, fun and friendship through a shared love of playing games together.

We see The Professor at his best and most powerful when surrounded by his fellow gamers, and hence The Professor's hero card is more powerful, the more people who are sitting Round the Table with him!

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